Resident Scrutiny Group

What is the Resident Scrutiny group?

The Resident Scrutiny Group reviews the services delivered by Abri.

They make sure we’re doing everything we should be. This includes monitoring our performance and decision-making process. They also use their findings to make recommendations for improvements and to provide support where it’s needed. The group follow the progress of changes and improvements through regular follow up reviews.

The Scrutiny Group is made up of Abri residents and is led by Andy Frost, who was appointed as Independent Chair of Scrutiny in October 2023.

How does it work?

The way the Resident Scrutiny Group works is guided by our Statement of Purpose and our Terms of Reference documents, you can check them out by clicking the buttons below:

Resident Scrutiny Group - Statement of Purpose

Resident Scrutiny Group - Our Terms of Reference

There is a direct link between the Scrutiny Group and the Board

The work of the group is vital and to ensure this is recognised by the organisation, the Chair is a co-opted member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Customer Service and Performance Committee. This ensures there is a direct link between the Board and the Scrutiny Group which is further strengthened by twice yearly Co-Regulation events. This is when members of the Scrutiny Group are invited to meet with the Board and Executive Team and challenge them and hold them to account for the decisions made during that year.

Our Team

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Other RSG members

  • Debbie, Windsor
  • Martyn, Farnborough
  • Debbie C, Southampton
  • Emma W, Somerset

Get involved with the Resident Scrutiny Group

We’re continually looking to improve our services and are always on the lookout for new members to work with us to review, challenge and improve our services.

As part of this voluntary role, you’ll be working with a team of Abri colleagues, customers and the Chair, and will:

  • Join monthly meetings (virtual/in person) to discuss different areas of focus and meet colleagues from the relevant Abri teams.
  • Review Abri’s performance against its own targets to identify areas for potential improvement and compare measures with other providers.
  • Take a detailed look at how Abri currently delivers its services; the group will carry out a minimum of three in-depth reviews per year and we would like your help with at least one of these.
  • Use the findings to discuss and recommend changes that will improve Abri’s services and give an overall better customer experience.
  • Meet with our executive team and group board to discuss progress against reviews and key developments within the sector directly affecting residents.

To ensure the group is effective and reflects our vast range of customers, our aim is for members to represent a variety of different backgrounds, locations and tenure. It’s your voice that matters and being a member of the Resident Scrutiny Group is a great way to be involved and help contribute to positive change.

The RSG has already made a great start to improving Abri’s services, examples of which can be found under the reports section of this page. They can’t wait to do even more with your help!

Do I need to have experience or equipment?

You don't need any previous experience, however we hold the majority of our meetings, training, and sessions virtually via Microsoft Teams so some basic IT skills would be beneficial. However, if you would like any extra training or guidance, please let us know as soon as possible and we will support you as much as needed. Don’t have your own laptop or tablet? No problem, we wouldn’t want this to stop you from becoming a part of our group and will provide you with a device for the length of your tenure with the group.

The only thing we ask from you is to commit some of your time to our monthly group meetings, at least one review for the year and to some time for the relevant training we provide to help us become better.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, and you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us and we will happily talk you through more about the great work the group do and how you can join. You can also speak to one of the group members to hear from them about why they joined the group and ask any other questions you may have. Alternatively, you can come along and observe a meeting before making your decision.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please drop Gemma, Kelly or Andy an email

Get in touch

Our reports


The Resident Scrutiny Group took a look into our repairs services, exploring the allocation of works and waiting times, efficiencies of services, the use of sub-contractors, and communication.

Read our repairs review


The Resident Scrutiny Group reviewed our sustainability practices and plans. They looked in-depth our work on fuel poverty, short-term sustainability fixes and the potential financial impacts of our plans to get to net-zero.

Read our sustainability review


Effective communication is essential to maintaining a positive relationship between Abri and its customers. The Resident Scrutiny Group took a look into how Abri manages this.

Read our Communications review

Anti-social behaviour

The Resident Scrutiny Group looked at how we are dealing with ASB. The key areas they looked at were our ASB policy, customers’ experiences of the policies and procedures in practice, referral services, and future plans post-COVID.

Read our ASB review

Planned Maintenance Delivery

Abri is responsible for the maintenance to the structure and internal components of all rented properties. The planned delivery programme looks after the longevity of our properties and keeps standards high for customers.

Planned Maintenance Delivery review


Recognising that the complaints policy and procedure have recently been reviewed, tested and revised by Abri following the changes to the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code, the project group agreed to focus their review on the customer experience of the complaint handling process.

Read our complaints review

Leaseholder Charges

Members of the Resident Scrutiny Group were keen to explore the charges applied to Abri leaseholders, how decisions were taken in relation to charges, management versus service costs and how costs were explained and made transparent to leaseholders. They completed a mini review and made recommendations for Abri to take forward.

Read our Leaseholder Charges review

Communal and Estate Services

the group reviewed our new Estate Standard and have made recommendations around how these services are communicated with customers, and checking whether, once new estate walkabouts into practice, they’re as effective as we hope they will be. For the first time, the RSG was involved in shaping these policies as they were developed, meaning that customers had influence from the very beginning of the process.

Read our Estate Services review

Abri’s response to food poverty

Following the annual Resident Scrutiny Group customer survey in February 2023, the cost of living crisis was ranked by our customers as one of the top three priorities for the year. The subsequent review focused on the customer journey, highlighting the areas where customers may not have access to services and the impact this has on them. Eight recommendations were made, and RSG will be supporting the implementation of them over the coming months.

Read our Food Poverty response review

Our latest updates

You can read our end of year report by clicking the button below:

RSG - End of year report 2022

RSG member locations map

RSG member locations map