Independent Living

Our Independent Living schemes are designed to help you keep your independence. You'll have your own accommodation, including a kitchen and bathroom, while enjoying communal spaces where you can socialise and connect with your neighbours.

Homes are available to rent or buy (depending on the property). And we welcome pets at many of our schemes. The age criteria is either 55+ or 60+, depending on which scheme you are applying for.

You don't need to have a care or support need to move into our Independent Living properties, but our Housing Support Partners are on hand to provide support tailored support should you need it.

Your own front door

We have over 100 schemes across Eastleigh, East Hampshire, Poole, Southampton, Windsor, Yeovil, Chard, Wincanton, Langport and Crewkerne.

Our schemes vary from individual bungalows, to small blocks of flats without communal facilities, to flats with communal facilities for customers to use. You'll have your own apartment or bungalow, including its own kitchen and bathroom.

Communal facilities can include communal lounges, gardens, guest rooms and laundries.

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A friendly community on your doorstep

Independent Living homes offer freedom, friendship, privacy and peace of mind.

Most schemes have cosy communal lounges, beautiful gardens and a regular schedule of social activities, so you can can enjoy keeping active and getting to know your neighbours.

Each apartment has an emergency alarm system to call for assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If the property you are applying for, requires any adaptations to enable you to live more comfortably, support staff at the scheme will assist you in arranging this.

The services and facilities available at our Independent Living schemes vary from scheme to scheme.

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How to apply for Independent Living

  • The age criteria is either 55+ or 60+, depending on which scheme you are applying for. Take a look at our schemes for more information on individual criteria.
  • You can still apply if you're already a homeowner or have significant savings.
  • The way to apply for our housing depends on which local authority you want to live in, many of our Independent Living schemes are let through the relevant local authorities Housing waiting list or Homefinder. Details of how to apply for a specific scheme can be found here.

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